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women's rights and helped to raise warns of addictions. we remember former first lady betty ford. also turned away, cindy anthony. casey anthony rejects her mother, as lawmakers consider a new law in the name of caylee anthony. tragedy in the stands. the greeting and disbelief after a fan falls to his death at a baseball game. this morning the death is raising new questions about spectator safety. sfwlirchlgts and tracking down cheating spouses. a court rules on whether you can use gps to camp him in the act. good morning, everyone. welcome to msnbc saturday. i'm alex witt. it is just 9:00 here in the east coast. 6:00 a.m. out west. let's get to what's happening right now out there. we start with the former first lady who lived life out loud sharing her triumphs, tragedies, and personal struggles with the nation and the world. betty ford has died at the age of 93. her openness and candor sparked national conversation on substance abuse and breast cancer. ishgz that will p were only spoken of in whispers before
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sthe took her own struggles public. aditi roy outside the eisenhower medical center where she passed. good morning to you. this is a lady that will be much missed in that community which she called home for many decades. >> reporter: absolutely, alex. yes. mrs. ford died here at eisenhower medical center yesterday. we don't know how long she was at the hospital before she passed away, but we do understand that her four children are traveling to this area to make those necessary funeral arrangements, and we should learn much more information at an afternoon press conference scheduled for later on today. in the meantime, there is reaction as you can imagine pouring in from all corners of the country, as well as the world. we want to share with you what president obama had to say. this was yesterday. "as our nation's first lady, she was a powerful advocate for women's health and women's rights. after leaving the white house, mrs. ford helped reduce the social stigma surrounding addiction and inspired thousands to seek much needed treatment." indeed, the betty ford center is
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just part of the former first lady's lasting legacy. the center has served more than 90,000 people since she co-founded it back in 1982. her can'tor was also one of her trademark qualities. she talked openly about being diagnosed with breast cancer and having a mastectomy shortly after her husband became president. betty ford was also a champion of women's rights, and strongly supporting the equal rights amendment. she was known for her wit and her class. ford was an accomplished dancer who performed. she and gerald ford made a life for themselves in rancho mile an hourage and they've been here for 35 years. his funeral services were back in 2006 at st. margaret's in neighboring palm desert before he was laid to rest at his presidential library in michigan. we expect similar sorts of details for her funeral. again, we'll expect to learn much more about those funeral preparations at an afternoon press conference later on today.
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alex, it was very clear that betty ford lived a very full and rich 93 years. >> very much beloved woman. thank you very much. yesterday's dismal jobs report raising concerns now about the nation's gradual recovery. hiring was at a near standstill in june with the unemployment rate rising for the third month in a row. according to the labor department, unemployment ticked up to 9.2% with 14 million americans without jobs. half of them for six months or month. the report was a surprise to many economists who had been raising job growth estimates. cnbc's senior economics reporter steve leaseman told me earlier that there's virtually no silver lining in these numbers. >> what happened essentially is that this jobs report came over and poured a big bucket of cold water on hopes of a quicker recovery. it tells you that there was a slowdown and a real standstill in hiring that happened in may and june. what we're going to be looking for, by the way, next week is the beginning of earnings season to try to see that if in the
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slow growth economy companies found a way to make money again. >> steve also says companies hoping to see more confidence on the part of consumers before they have the confidence to start hiring. capitol hill will be buzzing today ahead of a major meeting at the white house tomorrow on the debt ceiling. top lawmakers from both sides of the aisle will sit down president obama and vice president biden hoping to get closer to cutting a deal. this morning the president said there is common ground, but it will mean unpopular decisions by both parties. >> we agree on some of the big things. we agree that after a decade of racking up deficits and debt we need to get our fiscal house in order. we agreed that to do that both sides are going to have to step outside of their comfort zones and make some political sacrifices. and we agree that we simply cannot afford to default on our national obligations for the first time in our history. >> meanwhile, republicans are hitting the president and standing firmly against any tax increases. republicans have maintained
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there can be no increase in the national debt limit unless it's accompanied by serious spending cuts and reforms. to be truly serious, these cuts should exceed the amount by which president obama wants the debt limit increased. there can be no job crushing tax hike on families and small businesses. >> house democrats maintain they will not tolerate cuts to medicare and social security benefits. leon pin eta, newt secretary of defense, is in afghanistan. pinetta flew into the capital, kabul, and he told reporters on the plane there that al qaeda is on the verge of defeat. the u.s. captured important information about the terrorist group from osama bin laden's compound in may. now is the moment to go after cloudy. we'll have a live report from afghanistan coming up in our next half hour for you. casey anthony making a surprising move just eight days before her release from a florida jail. the 25-year-old was acquitted of murder charges earlier this week. she was convicted of lying to police in the death of her
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2-year-old daughter, caylee, back in 2008. let's go live to orlando, nbc's lila luciana. what happened in jail? >> good morning, alex. well, we've heard reports that casey anthony has declined a request for a visit by her mother, cindy anthony. she has not spoken to her family since 2008 while caylee was still missing following her attorney's consents, and she said she did not want to see her mother. cindy anthony had also requested so see her before the trial, but she declined. we don't know where she'll go once she leaves, but now on another bizarre note, it was reported that casey anthony has been receiving private donation from people across the country and in canada. her accounts reflect a $300 in donation which is she's been using to buy candy and beauty products. strange, but i guess they want her to -- fans across the country want her to prepare for her big day when she's finally a
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free woman next sunday. >> i was going to say, just a quick eight dawes from now aside from how she's going to look, what about security? that's got to be of tanta mount concern of getting her out and keeping her safe. >> yes, well, orange county corrections spokesperson said already that they will take certain measures to insure her safety. in 15 years, let me tell you, only one other person has received that type of a concession, and that was noel bush while her father was the governor of florida, jeb bush, and her uncle was president. she was released at 4:00 a.m. under extremely private and secure conditions. that's what's expected for casey. >> lilia luciano, we know you'll be on the lookout next weekend. thank you. >> that's right. a sad scene at the texas rangers ballpark in arlington. flags at half staff and players wearing black ribbons showing their grief over the death of shannon stone, the fan who took a fatal fan faul from the stands on thursday.
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the 39 yerltd firefighter was leaning in to catch a ball thrown by outfielder josh hamilton when he tumbled over a railing right in front of his 6-year-old son. kevin tibls is joining me live to talk about this. so many die mentions to this tragedy. the family is heartbroken. so is josh hamilton, apparently, who threw that ball, right? >> absolutely. well, all 6-year-old cooper stone wanted to do that night was catch a ball. isn't that what so many kids want to do when they go to the ballpark? as a matter of fact, his dad shannon and cooper stopped on the way to the ballpark to buy a glove. josh hamilton was the boy's favorite player. they called to him. haimle ton tossed them the ball, like they all seem to do. oftentimes i look up in those stands and say, jeez, those guys are getting pretty close to the railing. here's what hamilton had to say about the accident. >> someday we would love to have a baseball, so they were the first ones i saw, so when i got
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it, i found them again and threw it in that direction. hearing the little boy screaming for his daddy after he had fallen and then being home with my kids really hit home last night. >> and shannon stone fell over a 33 inch railing and he fell 20 feet on to concrete, alex. it's an absolutely tragic thing that major league baseball and the texas rangers are now investigatoring. >> wrau. you know what's also so disturbing, kevin, this whole thing played out on television live. we do it all the time. you watch. you see a baseball game, and they, you know, see fans catching them in the stands. how are the texas rangers reacting toing that? >> well, team president nolan ryan, who himself, of course, is a hall of famer said that this has hit us with the roots of who we are. >> an organization we're going look into this, and because our
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number one concern is the safety of our fans, and we'll do whatever we have to do to make this stadium as safe as we possibly can for our fans. >> and major league baseball has announced that they will be having some sort of an investigation into this accident. major league baseball says it has the utmost sensitivity to safety of all the fans that come to our ballparks. our players are encouraged to be fan-friendly, and we will carefully review this incident with our clubs to continue to insure a safe environment for our fans, but, alex, i'm already hearing that a number of players are starting to question this practice of tossing foul balls up into the stands and then, you know, the mayhem that takes place while people try to grab the balls for the kids. >> yeah. all well intended on behalf of the players, about the you're right, it can be so dangerous. we've all seen that. thank you very much, kevin
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tibls. yesterday a man fell to his death on the ride of steel roller coaster at the dairy lake theme park resort. park officials say they don't know what caused the man to separate from the ride, which will be closed until that investigation is completed. early this morning the astronauts on atlantis got their wakeup call. music from cold play started the first full day in the last shuttle mission. the liftoff friday went directly as planned at the kennedy space station center. the atlantis is carrying supplies to deliver to the international space station, and they are scheduled to come home on july 20th. after an eventful nine-day tour of canada the dauk and duchess of cambridge are now on u.s. soil. the royal couple is in los angeles today on their first trip together to the united states. the agenda for their three-day visit includes a polo match and a black tie event for the british academy of p film and television arts. peter alexander has more. good morning. >> kate can officially say she is a california girl arriving here yesterday for what is her first ever trip to the united
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states. of course, her husband, the prince, in tow. then they will head up here later today for a polo match, known as the sports of kings, fittingly. william will participate. kate will hand out the trophy. >> reporter: attractive, young, and glamorous. william and kate finally stepped out to american soil friday in the city synonymous with celebrity. the first gift a flora bouquet in red, white, and blue. from the start, the future king and queen were given hole weed's celebrity treatment. on the ground at every stop fans showed up just to get a glimpse. >> we are fascinated with her. she's perfect in our eyes. >> reporter: their three-day trip will blend business with pleasure. a brunch raising money for one of the prince's palgss, the conservation of african wildlife. >> he has a very genuine concern for the environment and for conservation and a deep love and affection for the african
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continent. rirchlg the well manicured lawn is ready, and william's opponents promise they won't pull any punches for the prince. once we're on the field, it's competitive. it has to be. >> reporter: on friday the cowboy couple kicking off -- every step of the way. tonight the windsors will be welcomed by a who's who of hollywood. >> right here. >> among the celebrities expected to hob knock at the evening's black tie affair, nicole kidman, tom hanks, and jennifer lopez. what will the fashion-friendly princess wear? the full length gown inside that clear garment bag could be a sneak peek. the cash-strapped state of california has been eagerly anticipating this chance to play host. >> the royal couple is coming to california for three days. >> reporter: a national tv ad invats visitors from across the country to come west as well. >> do they know we have castles?
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>> reporter: it's not fish and chips, but nothing says fine american dining like a dog. at pinks this is the royal dog special. for a couple whose story could be written in hollywood, finally a chance to experience the real thing. >> the duchess, kate, is already getting a lot of rave reviews for that green dress she wore. it was the first time she's worn an american designer on this trip. the dress made by diane von f irs tenberg. >> why one publication says it could lead america's into catastrophe. when hard-working ice cream man got slapped with a fine because of his music. >> and a final harry pottish movie will hit the big screens in this country in just days. you're going to see why movie theater owners will surely miss the boy wizard and his money making powers. you've watching msnbc saturday.
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the music is enough to drive you nuts, and apparently it's bad enough for a fine. a massachusetts ice cream man was recently issued a $100 ticket for playing his truck's music too loud. police say residents have been complaining. the last straw was when the truck's driver parked next to the stadium where the local high school was having its graduation ceremony. that's a no-no. he says he will fight the fine. >> i'm going to go to court and speak to the judge and see what he is going to say. >> you're going to court and fight it? >> yes. >> why? >> because i don't think it's right. >> do you want to hear that playing at your graduation ceremony? i don't think so. anyway, town police say the truck's music is blatant, loud,
9:19 am
and excessive, but the man says he is just trying to make a living. >> casey anthony does not want to see her mother. she has eight days left in jail before she's released, and she denied a request by her mother, cindy anthony, for a jailhouse visit last night. she did, however, accept a visit from her defense attorney jose baez and another member of her defense team earlier this week. let's go to our legal panel once again. welcome back to you. all right. jay, there are going to be a lot of critics. it's been in full swing since tuesday. they say the system didn't work, that it's broken. what do you think? >> i think the system always works. the jury -- i may not agree with the decision. a lot of people don't agree with the decision. rebecca may comment, but most analysts did not see it coming. the jury has spoken, and that's it. that's our system. i'm not happy with it. lots of people arpt happy with it, but the system works. >> if that system worked, considering there have been the allegations and a lot of people say she was tried in the media,
9:20 am
condemned and found guilty there, and across it country. what is the difference between what we have here on television or in our discussions with our friends and family in our homes versus what the jurors are seeing, the court atmosphere? how different is that? >> you know, that's such a good question, alex, because that's what jay and i were talking about earlier. we try cases regularly. we select juries regularly. when those people go in a room, they sit and listen to only the evidence that was presented at the trial. the judge stresses that so strongly, and they really feel an obligation to uphold the constitution. these people are usually very kind, very nice people, so it really offends me that so many in the media and so many people are saying that these jurors were terrible people. they were not. they were trying to uphold the letter of the law. in this case did they do so? yes. that doesn't mean this woman didn't do something. it means the prosecution didn't
9:21 am
present enough information in evidence for the charges that they were given as a jury. there's a very big distinction there. >> if i can use three examples. there was one hair in the trunk that supposedly came from a dead body. there were experts that said yes, said no. the duct tape could have been put on maybe postmortem, maybe when she was still alive. unknown. don't know cause of death. the chloroform in the trunk, experts debate that. i look at that objectively, but i wasn't sitting through the whole trial, and that's enough to equal premeditation, but those jurors, they're normal people, common people. it didn't add up to that for them, and i respect that. >> again, it's getting back to the concept of the definition of reasonable doubt, and i'm constantly looking at -- have i asked each of you melt multiple times. in this case, though, have i to think that reasonable doubt means the omission of anything having to do with commonsense. >> alex. >> seriously.
9:22 am
>> not necessarily. >> what you are being told as a jury is beyond a reasonable doubt. beyond anything possible, and baez day one said he presented a theory. he didn't have to prove that theory that there was a drowning in the pool, and there was no 911 call. had the prosecution charged with negligent home side, which is a much lers standard, no premeditation necessary, then possibly a jury would have come back and convicted her, but they didn't think there was enough for premeditation here. >> is this all just legal jargon that we are dealing with, and granted, that's very important to put out there. we have a constitution to protect our rights and that sort of thing, but it must be note the distinction between not guilty does not mean you're innocent of a crime. >> exactly. there's a very big dixz. that's what i've been trying to say over and over. >> there's one other big fact people have to understand. if you were the prosecutor, babe
9:23 am
is dead. you booef you have the proof to show this mother was involved in this death. the proofs are never getting better. the prosecution could do nothing or bring a case that was circumstantial and not super strong because they were after justice. the prosecutor made the right decision. at the ebb end of the day the jurors didn't believe that theory. the prosecutor had to go forward on the proofs because they were as good as they were ever going to get. >> there's a dead child. >> i have to go. nick is having a cow. the last thing with me today, did she get away with murder? yes or no? >> yes. >> i think she got away with something. i'm not sure that it was premeditated murder, but, yes, she was involved in something. she was a mother and a child is missing for 30 days. that's enough. >> that's all we have to say. rebecca rose, woodland jay fahey, thanks. an illinois woman had everyone fooled for a while. now her ghoulish deed has her going to the slammer. that's ahead. the days of harry potter at the movie theater are coming to an end. beal look at how much that boy
9:24 am
wizard has been a cash cow since his first introduction to the world a decade ago. you're watching msnbc saturday. >> so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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in today's tech watch, the huge appetite for apps. apple says the number of downloads reached 15 billion, which is a huge increase from january of last year. record selling success of the ipad is part of the reason for the dramatic rise. in a moment using gps to catch your cheating spouse in the act. what does the law think about that? new defense secretary leon panetta says al qaeda may be on the virj of defeat. that's all ahead here on msnbc saturday. that helplessness again. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. talk to your doctor, and take care of what you have to take care of.
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welcome back to msnbc saturday. i'm alex witt. developing now the new defense secretary leon panetta is in
9:31 am
afghanistan. he flew into kabul in the last hour and a half or so. the flight from washington, panetta told reporters that al qaeda's days may be numbered. we are in kabul, afghanistan. good morning to you, tia. what's the latest on this? >> reporter: good morning, alex. well, what we do know is on that flight from d.c. to kabul leon panetta, the new secretary of defense said the strategic defeat was within reach and it began with the death of osama bin laden and the treasure-trove of information that they found in bin laden's home that has led to then finding out more key leaders in al qaeda. he mentioned about ten to 20 leaders. possibly in pakistan.
9:32 am
>> he will be meeting his counterpart who will also be meeting the afghan president, but most importantly, he is going to be meeting the commanders on the ground and the service men and women fighting the fight in afghanistan coming at a very important time in the fight in afghanistan primarily because this is when we expect the transition to begin in certain parts of afghanistan, parts where they're going to be handing over the responsibility to the afghans themselves. also coming at a time when president obama has already announced the draw down efforts hoping for that to end by the year 2014. >> with regard to that, how overall is the fighting going in afghanistan? i mean, are we getting much closer in a palpable way to turning things over to the afghan security forces themselves? >> well, alex, when you talk to officials here on the ground, when you talk to the commanders on the ground, they'll tell you they are closer to that time where they can pass it over to the afghan people. in fact, we're about a week away
9:33 am
where seven provinces and municipalities will be handed over to afghan authorities. this is an area that has been considered taliban-free forever, in fact, but this is also an area where two americans were killed. it goes to show you this is an area considered to be the safe part of afghanistan, but still we're seeing americans as well as nato forces dying. >> yeah. well, we don't like hearing that news. thank you for delivering it nonetheless. nbc's atia in kabul. msnbc military analyst jack jacobs. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, alex. >> is this premature, even dangerous thinking on behalf of the new secretary of defense leon panetta saying we're going cloes to defeating laid? >> there's a lot of public relations involved. is he going to carry on a policy that was started before and expanded, and, of course, he is going to say after the killing of osama bin laden that, in
9:34 am
fact, the thing is almost over. there's a lot of public relations involved. on the other hand, there's some truth in it too. al qaeda has been fragmented. that's a good news and the bad news, as we've said before, is al qaeda in iraq is al qaeda in the peninsula and yemen and africa and so on that means that we can try to defeat them piecemeal, but it also means that because it's not a centralized organized body, we're want going to be able to knock it off by taking out the commander. >> you know, when you talk about, though, getting the word out in good public relations, how much do you think al qaeda listens when the secretary of defense says we're close to defeating them, and even if that's not necessarily the case, that perception out there can help weaken them. >> yes. not going to hurt. there's no doubt about it. i think recruitment is down. especially since our encouragement into pakistan to get osama bin laden talking tough. frequently we'll help have a good effect in being tough, and
9:35 am
you are absolutely right. it has a positive effect. there's no reason not to act confident in a circumstance like that. it serm helps the cause. >> okay. ayman al zahari, is he in pakistan? >> where else is he going to be? it's interesting when we have osama bin laden who has been sitting in pakistan for five years, four years, and the pakistanis were shocked that he was within 40 miles of the capital, actually in a suburb of the capital. they were astounded and didn't know. they're shocked now that al -- no matter what the pakistani government says, the isi intelligence service is directly involved in terroristic activities. not just in the northwest of pakistan. not just in afghanistan, but as a conduit for weapons equipment, money, and recruits to al qaeda
9:36 am
operations and the taliban operations every where. very bad place, and no matter what the pakistani government says, it's not helping like it should to get rid of these guys. >> all right. >> by the way, we're as i understanding them billions of dollars. >> just to make that point and everyone go, oh. thank you very much, jack jacobs. >> you're welcome. now to weekend weather. the northeast is drying out this morning after torrential ransz. in connecticut the cromwell had firefighters responded to flooding at the station. firefighters had the playing sand bagged try to keep the water from seeping in. nbc meteorologist bill karins, good morning to you, bill. >> good morning, alex. we got rid of all the bad stuff on friday. that was the good thing. we have watched a nice clearing trend in new england. a beautiful morning in the mid-atlantic. now it's starting to heat up. the sun is beating down, and this is the weather pattern for your weekend. the hot weather is locked in right over the heartland. kansas, oklahoma, texas, by far we've seen the brunt of the heat this summer. that continues this weekend.
9:37 am
the jet stream is far to the north. just about everyone is seeing beach or pool weather. today the dangerous weather, only heat advisories, but the humidity isn't all that high, but the temperatures will be hot from kansas city to wichita, tulsa, little rock, joplin, shreveport, all the i way down to mississippi. today we'll call it 102 in oklahoma city. 103 in dallas. that's where the drought is horrible. that's where the worst of the weather is. as we go into sunday, some of the heat begins to push in through arkansas, missouri. st. louis heats up to 94. tomorrow will be 99 in memphis. that's the uncomfortable stuff. especially when you add in the humidity. that's when you need to check on the elderly and make sure the kids stay hydrated. as far as the forecast goes, yardz of green. that's who has a chance of rain today. this afternoon a slight chance of showers and storms. that rain is gone now in new england. now we're also watching late today showers and storms in the northern plains, and if there's one location that could see some troublesome weather tonight and tomorrow, it will be up around minneapolis. everybody else is just going to see some hit and miss showers.
9:38 am
alex, it's been so hot in so many areas of the deep south, if -- it cools you off. this is probably, i would say, alex, last week and this weekend, probably the two biggest vacation weekends of the year. i'm glad we're getting good weather. >> thank you so much. bill karins. alabama isn't considered part of tornado alley, but it should be. it tops the nation in the number of violent torn yes on record after it was upgrade to the p tornado from the ef-4 to e-5. seven ef-5 tornadoes trump texas, oklahoma, and kansas bho have each had six. with the latest weather in your area, you can log to it's getting easier to catch cheating spouses in new jersey, and that is because an appeals court is ruled that putting gps tracking devices in a spouse's car did not include p equal invasion of privacy. >> in new jersey, there they
9:39 am
need it. they need it because here in new jersey there's a lot of cheating. >> a shame it comes to that that people are so worried that they resort to those type of tactics. >> reporter: this case steps from a lawsuit by a man whose wife divorced him for cheating after she put the device if his car to keep tabs on his whereabouts. the economy is washed to be closer to a catastrophe than lawmakers might think, and a stalemate on raising the debt ceiling could trigger that dive. charlie cook writes "an economy this fragile can scarcely afford the damage that could come from the partisans on the left and right playing chicken in debt ceiling increase negotiations. it is not hard to imagine the roller coaster ride the likely plunges in the markets and the moejts of sheer terror that we could face over the next month." frightening there. charlie cook joins me right now. he is also an msnbc political analyst. charlie, good morning. >> good morning, alex. >> could the markets panic even before the government hits the deadline to default?
9:40 am
>> that's really my worry is that i made this case in the article in the national journal that was published by the atlantic that i don't think there's a real risk of us default or a significant risk of the government defaulting. what i worry about is that the stock or bond markets just simply start to panic. they start to think, well, maybe these guys aren't going to get their acts together and suddenly we start seeing some huge drops the way we saw after the house of representatives turned down tarp back in september of 2008 when the market dropped 777 points in a day and lost $13 trillion worth of shareholder value. i think that's really the danger. the longer you hear people and whether it's democrats saying entitlements, social security are sacred, we don't want to contribute a dime, or republicans saying no new tax increases, no increased tax revenues, not a dime from there? as long as people are declaring huge parts of the budget absolutely untouchable, that's
9:41 am
how you get these stale mates. >> okay. i'll lisp to what part of the house speaker tom boehner had to say yesterday. here it is. >> we're up against a deadline. while some think that, you know, we can go past august the 2nd, frankly think it puts us in an awful lot of jeopardy and puts our economy in jeopardy risking even more jobs. >> so when it comes down to it, republicans have demanded the bunl cuts have been part of the debt ceiling. are they ultimately holding this up? is this playing with fire just because they have political leverage here in the house? >> well, i think everyone has moved to the position that budget cuts -- the cut in spending is important, and that's one hopeful sign that both sides have come together. the question is where will these cuts come from? where will the additional revenue come from? that's the disagreement. i think everybody agrees that we can't just -- we can't continue as we -- as we have, but the
9:42 am
thing is nobody wants their own ox to get gored, and, you know, this budget, it is so absolutely enormous that it's really hard to declare any huge piece of it absolutely sacred, capital give in a dime on it, and, yet, both sides actually do that. >> can you sense from a political perspective who stands to lose more? >> i'm sort of a lone world wolf here. i think there's a risk that we can see the first anti-bipartisan anti-incumbent year since 19292. in other words, with members of congress with blue jerseys and red jerseys getting thrown out of windows, the only time you have ever seen that was in 1992 after the house bank and house post office scandals when you saw a pretty big number of income bents on both sides thrown out. generally speaking, they're throwing out just democratic income bents or just republican income bents.
9:43 am
i think we can see a time where they start throwing a bunch of them out. after all, they punish the heck out of republicans in 2006 and 2008. they punish the heck out of democrats in 2010. the place looks as dysfunctional as ever. the job market. employers add just 18,000 new jobs and the unemployment rate has indeed gone up. is america headed for another recession? you're watching msnbc saturday. 
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9:46 am
an illinois woman has been sentenced 12 years in prison for her role in a more bid scheme to resell burial plots. carolyn towns pleaded guilty with several charges in connection with this. towns will take -- she would
9:47 am
take payments from grieving families and tell grave diggers to bury remains in plots that were already oepd occupied. the scheme had been running since 2003. who does that? we are just days away from the biggest summer blockbuster of the summer "harry potter and the deathly hallows." how can i mess that up? harry potter, you know who i'm talking about and the deathly hallows part it, that's the eighth and final movie that will open in the u.s. next friday. let's get right to the clip w n wrrn. >> everything you touch will multiply. >> time to see donietta. here with life and style weekly. good morning. >> good morning. >> is this the type of film that's going to bring people in
9:48 am
because of its rave reviews or because it's harry potter, we're going to have a blockbuster of epic proportion anyway? >> the positive reviews certainly do not hurt. the die hard fans are fwog see this movie no matter what, but the good reviews are going to bring in that second tier of movie goers who are curious about seeing the end of an era and also who want to justify those higher 3-d and imax ticket prices. the first installment on this "the deathly hallows part 1" earned $125 million opening weekend. i will be shocked in if this does not top it. sdmru throw out $125 million like it's chump change, considering what overall this has made. >> we are talking about $6 billion. the movies alone. plus another $450 million estimated to the books, and we are not even talking about the theme pack or the merchandizing there. >> ma wha about the highest grossing film. do you think it has the shot of becoming that for the year? >> is it does have stiff competition from other big franchises. let's not forget "transformers" or "pirates of the caribbean" or
9:49 am
the upcoming "breaking down" that's out in november. i think it may have a shot of beating opening weekend for "dark knight." that, of course, hold the record for the highest grossing opening weekend of all time with $150 million. now, with the hire ticket prices, because of the 3-d and the imax, that may give it a boost. >> that might right there. you're right. >> the london premier was this week. we're looking at video from that right now. emma watson cried at one point during that. >> she did. >> j.k. rowlings says she wants to write another potter book. >> she gave audiences a little bit of a tease. she said, hey, look, this is my baby, and if i want to take it out to play once in a while, i will. hey, never say never. >> that's a good thing. why was emma crying, though? >> it was just so overwhelming. i mean, we've grown up with these characters, these actors, and they literally have as well -- she says she was 9 years old when this whole franchise started, and look at it now. it was just an amazing life-altering experience for her. >> i think if n advance of the film's release on television a
9:50 am
lot of the older films being played, and i was just channel surfing, and i caught just the very beginning of "harry potter and the sourcer's stone." they were such babies. we watched them grow up. >> we watched the franchise grow up as well. i have never seen where the movies get better and better with each one. they have here. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. shock in a small massachusetts town. the tragedy of two former high school sweethearts, their break-up and then her murder. that's ased ahead on msnbc saturday. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal. that's a hint, antoine. ooh! see what anandra did? booking your flight and hotel at the same time gets you prices hotels and airlines won't let expedia show separately. book it. major wow factor! where you book matters. expedia.
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big economic problems in china right now with inflation jumping to a three-year high. there are rising consumer prices, especially the cost of food. controlling prices is a priority this year. and here in the u.s. new fears over the job market today after a surprising report shows hiring in a virtual standstill. the economy added just 18,000
9:54 am
jobs in the month of june and the national unemployment rate ticked up to 9.2%. a gain of about 90,000 jobs was expected. i'm joined live by radio talk show host, jim, good to see you. good morning. >> good to see you, alec. >> economists expected the unemployment rate to remain at 9.1%. why were the estimates so off the mark? >> you know, the jobs market has been very sticky all along. and if you look at -- if you talk to employers, what they say is that sales are bad. so they really don't want to expand business. and i think that where the disconnect is we see the corporations that are very profitable. and because they are very profitable, people assume that jobs will follow. that's the way economic recoveries have always happened. in this case you are seeing corporations so good selling goods around the world and the sales in the u.s. aren't great. so they don't feel the need to add u.s. workers. a lot of businesses have learned how to make more money without
9:55 am
adding workers. it is the combination of things that is a diversion from what we have seen in the past. it is not playing out that way because businesses don't have that confidence to go out and take that new worker on. >> well, as much as we are talking right now about 9.2%, jim, the so-called real unemployment rate is up to 16.2% in june. that's the figure that includes the unemployed, those discouraged workers out there and people working part-time because they can't find full-time work. what does this mean for the economy overall? >> well, there's a couple of things that play in here, also, alex, that are really troubling. that is higher food and fuel cost, even though people aren't spending money. how do you fix these things? you were talking about inflation in china. that's impacting us here because what happened is we have a lot of things in china, their wage costs are going up and they are passing along the cost here. the chinese people are eating more food and driving up food costs. also the federal reserve policy
9:56 am
has driven up, it is cheap money, and has driven up the price of oil and food. so we have all these things cutting into consumer spending. when you cut into consumer spending, you cut into the ability of employers to expand their business because they don't have those new consumers on. and where the jobs market is really hurting, alex, is in those minimum wage-type jobs. if you look at who is really unemployed, you are talking about teenagers and unskilled laborers. a lot of minorities, those unemployment rates are very, very high. so we are going to have to look at drastic measures. i hate to say it, we have to look at lowering the minimum wage just to find a place where employers will take on a new employee. so it's going to be, i think, a long time because consumers have a lot of debt. they have to pay down debt and we have to get businesses to points where sales start to rise again. >> jim hecamp, thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> good to see you, alex. she just graduated from high
9:57 am
school and was looking forward to a new adventure in college. but this morning her former high school sweetheart is accused of killing her in cold blood. a london tabloid is getting ready to takeoff in the full wake of a scandal that could lead to criminal charges. we are going live to london with the very latest here on msnbc saturday. [ male announcer ] introducing the ultimate business phone --
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